I was in Monsey, NY today in a subdivision constructed recently. I was interested in the fact that the blocks were connected by paved footpaths. It was unclear to me how these footpaths came to be.

My guess is that they are easements granted to the public for the walking path. This would have been a purposeful decision by the developer to connect the various streets, but what if it is not that way. What if people are just using a path between houses.

This can lead to something called a prescriptive easement, where the public ends up owning a permanent right to continued use of the path. Interestingly, the best way to avoid this is to grant permission to those using it, as prescription requires continued use over a ten year period that is open, notorious and under a claim of right to ownership. If you explicitly grant permission, then it is not under a claim of right.

Another option, is to occasionally close the path so that it is not continuous for the required period.

Why does this matter? Because when you try to sell your property, the potential buyer might not want to be as magnanimous to the public as you have been and you do not want to be giving away your property.


FIOS vs. Cablevision (and my first blog post by email)

This is the first time I am posting by sending an email to wordpress, so excuse any technical issues with the post. Since I moved back to Teaneck, until this week, I was with Cablevision for all home services. This week we switched to FIOS, due to a much better price. I am happy with some aspects of FIOS and not others. First, Cablevision has far superior picture quality. There is just a fuzziness on HD channels that I did not see on Cablevision. Second, the Optimum wifi service is pretty good when I am walking around with my Ipad, and Verizon has nothing comparable.

Fios has a far superior set top box and programming guide, much faster internet and a large amount of free on demand programming.

Overall, I would say I am happy with the switch, but I am a little disappointed with the picture quality of FIOS.

New Blog Hosting

I have switched my blogging over to wordpress as the Yola.com integrated functionality made it hard to regularly update. I hope to post more frequently now, but please let me know if you have trouble reading these posts. My original blog remains below here for now, but if anyone knows how to export a .db file into xml so that I can migrate it to WordPress, please let me know.