Surface Pro 3

I recently purchased a Surface Pro 3 to replace my iPad, and while it was considerably more expensive, I am happy with my choice.  The Surface Pro 3 is a true laptop in a tablet format. It gives you the full power of a PC and allows you to truly get work done on the go or on the couch.  I could never really say that about my iPad.  Unfortunately, Apple’s resistance to true multitasking and windowing, makes it terribly slow for work (granted I have been using an Ipad3 and not a newer faster ipad, but I believe the slow pace of my work on an ipad is much more related to the design of IOS than to the speed of the processor).

As I purchased the 256GB Surface Pro 3, I can default to having all of my active files downloaded locally on the machine, which makes a huge difference when out and about, particularly when going to court or meetings out of the office. With my iPad, I had to use Goodreader to download the files prior to going out of wifi or cellular range (and you cannot rely on cellular service in old courthouses, I have learned that the hard way). Similarly, while I am fine with Apple’s email app on the iPad for normal use, when you need to search or sort or look at folders in your mailbox, having Outlook available is a lifesaver. I have always thought Outlook to be slow and cumbersome and it is, but it also has more power than any other email client out there.

I write this as Apple revealed that iPad sales are dropping fast. I loved my iPad, but eventually I outgrew it.  At some point, even the best products are superseded. I heartily recommend the Surface Pro 3, despite the hefty price tag.


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