Legal Practice Management – again

Just to follow up on my series of posts and articles on legal practice management software, I have now been using Amicus Premium for a few months. It has been at times infuriatingly buggy and annoying, but in the end it does what it is supposed to do.

With Clio, despite their claims of saving 8 hours a week, my billing each month would take hours. It had north of for automating the sending of multiethnic invoices by email. Amicus Premium with the billing module does billing really well. It takes me under ten minutes to generate the invoices and email them out to all of my clients in one process.

The big problem with Amicus is its lack of polish and the fact that they seem to focus on getting features to work just well enough. This is unfortunate. Dropbox integration, for example, works pretty well but it does not fully replace the built in doc management so you still have some docs, bill images and email attachments being saved to Amicus’ system.

Similarly, Amicus Anywhere cloud access works, but just barely.

I have finally gotten used to how to use document generation successfully, but am still trying to figure out email auto generation and pre-built task and event lists.

I would hope in the future that Amicus focus on modernizing their interface and bringing it into the 21st Century, reducing bugs and making everything work as expected. Overall, though, I am happy with my purchase. Much happier than with Clio.


4 thoughts on “Legal Practice Management – again

  1. Did you have to pay for setup of the SQL server?

    How is it running now after 6 more months? I’m mostly interested in document assembly.

    Also, is there a stale feature? Such as when a file hasnt been touched In two or 3 weeks.

  2. dear @avifrischlaw
    its been over a year since you wrote this, I just wanted to check up as we are considering putting in place amicus 2015 premium with billing. Do you still use the software? Still happy with the purchase?

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