Today’s Supreme Court ruling in the Aereo case is one that gives me renewed confidence in the ability of courts to deal with technology without allowing tech companies to blatantly break the law just because they are a tech company.

The Supreme Court appears to have recognized Aereo for what it is, blatant and outright theft of someone else’s product. They did not get hung up on false arguments about how Aereo would affect legitimate technologies. Only Scalia is so confused, and he believes that Aereo should be illegal too. It should be obvious that crafting your tech to fit into an apparent legal loophole and to pretend you are not simply a cable company is something we should prevent. The Court saw through the gimmicks to the substance and made the right decision.

The shame of Aereo is that tier product is good. They should have focused on internet delivery of TV, which is coming and paid for the content.


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