Legal Practice Management Software Part 3

Lexis Nexis has several products for legal practice management, one is cloud based and called Firm Manager. It is simply awful. Lexis gave me a free account a year ago, at some point I assume they want to charge for it, but the product is just half baked.

Firm Manager is not fully featured, it is slow and it is buggy. The interface is okay, but somewhat dated. I don’t recommend wasting time on this product.

Lexis also has two desktop programs, PCLaw and Time Matters. PCLaw is primarily a legal accounting product with some case management capability and Time Matters is solely case management, but cannot do billing. I believe time matters integrates with various accounting programs.

I wanted to try PCLaw and Time Matters but despite the claims on the Lexis website, they would not just send me a trial version of either product. I got a call from a lexis salesperson who said someone with knowledge to answer my questions would call back in about a week and a half since Lexis was having a conference for its salespeople.

I got a call back in three weeks, and by then I had already purchased another product (Amicus Attorney Premium, which I will discuss soon). Clearly Lexis needs to do more to make anyone feel confident buying this product.


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