Desktop Legal Practice Management -Part 1

I mentioned previously that I had also looked at desktop software for practice management. Most desktop practice management programs seem to think time and billing components are for a separate program (or a separate fee to enable an integrated program), but I will deal with them as one program where possible, since I view time and billing as one of the primary purposes of practice management software.

This product from Thomson Reuters looks good, but is simply astronomically expensive. They won’t sell you fewer than four licenses at a time and have crazy annual maintenance charges.

Once I heard the prices I decided not to do a demo. It does look like a very capable program from the videos on their website.

Things I like: excellent Outlook integration, full general ledger accounting built in, so you can drop Quickbooks, document assembly, rules based calendars and quite customizable.

Things I don’t like: requires SQL server so probably a pain in the neck to set up and use.
Doesn’t integrate with Quickbooks if you want it to.
Many of the integrations are for products only used by larger firms.

Overall, this looked like a good product, but the pricing kept me from taking an in depth look. If you are willing to spend 5-6k up front and 1100 per year in maintenance, then give them a look.


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