Rental Property Registration in Teaneck

Update Notification: Reminder About Rental Property Registration

Rental property owners, managers, real estate agents, etc. are being reminded that under Township of Teaneck Code, Section 29A, ALL rental properties must be registered with the Health Department. Single family rentals must submit a completed application and appropriate fee of $150.00 annually, as required. All other rentals, including units in a 2 family, 3 family or other multi-family dwelling must register the rental unit upon change of tenant. The fee for this type of rental is $60.00 per application. If you have an owner occupied residence, you are permitted to have up to 2 borders, as per Township Zoning Codes. The fee for this type of rental is $75.00 and is also submitted annually. You must also register with the Building Department for this type of rental. Lastly, units for multi-family dwellings where provided for a superintendent or property caretaker must be registered annually and the fee for such is $100.00. To obtain a copy of one the applications noted above, please contact our office at (201) 837-1600 (x1500) or go to the Township website at: under Departments/Health Dept./Documents and Forms. The penalty for renting out a property in Teaneck without first obtaining approval from the Health Department may result in enforcement actions including fines up to $500.00 per citation. Annual renewals are to be submitted in January and all other noted rental registrations are applied for upon change of tenant.


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