Debt Collection Lawsuits

This article from the New York Times demonstrates why it is worthwhile to get a lawyer to represent you in credit card debt cases. Noah Dear, however, is seeking attention and is harping on things that are not wrong.

The fact is that credit card companies frequently settle with people who have an attorney who will fore them to prove their case, as it is cheaper than going to court.


One thought on “Debt Collection Lawsuits

  1. I think you are right about Noach Dear. The numbers that he cites (that 90% of the cases have problems) are probably true in reverse; 90% of the debtors owe at least the amount that they are being sued for.
    That being said, since the credit card companies and collection agencies are so sloppy in their record keeping, and since courts are now paying greater attention to detail, it is worthwhile for a debtor who is sued to hire an attorney find holes in the plaintiffs’ cases.

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