My Search for Practice Management Software

Lately, I have been considering whether it is time to purchase a law practice management program or platform for my practice. I have spent quite a bit of time reviewing my options and while nothing is perfect, I am down to two software as service products. These platforms are billed on a monthly basis, but seem to at least give you constant enhancement. My narrowing of the search to two products comes down to the fact that few programs have full google sync capabilties. This is a must for me, as I have my email, contacts and calendar on Google Apps and am able to sync with my phone and iPad through Google. Many programs sync with Outlook, but ignore the fact that many of us have figured out that Outlook sucks miserably. Another feature I was looking for was the ability to sync billing records with Quickbooks, and in this I am frustrated, though at least one product might have a solution coming soon.
Now, I know you are wondering which products I might go with. One is Clio,, which seems to have the best mix of total functionality, price, and ease of use. In other words, I really like it. Also, it has full unlimited Google Sync. Unfortunately, its document management aspects are weak and it is not customizable. Also, the only way to bring your data back to Quickbooks is by manually importing a file. Not the end of the world, but would love to hear that they are working on a more full functioning sync with Quickbooks. I would also love integration of the document manager with an online sync service such as Dropbox, Sugarsync or Microsoft Live Mesh. That would make it a lot easier to upload files to the cloud. Overall, this seems like a very good offering.

My next top option is AdvologixPM, which is a law practice solution that works on the platform. It is very powerful, but hard to use. They have more features than any product out there, and it is fully customizable with many of the programs created for the platform, but it is not easy to use. It also is somewhat more expensive than Clio, the Google Sync function is limited unless you pay an additional fee and also has no quickbooks sync. I have been told that Quickbooks sync will be available soon, so that is a plus. I like the customizability, the built in document automation features and the extensibility of the platform. I do not care for the complexity, especially when I am paying to make my life simpler.

Any commenters have experience with these platforms?


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