New York Finally Investigating its Horrid Foreclosure Mills

According to today’s New York Times, the New York attorney general is now investigating the worst foreclosure mill firm in the state, The Law Office of Steven J. Baum.

I have had the privilege of facing Mr. Baum’s “law firm” on quite a few occasions, and it is some experience. The firm files 40% of all foreclosures in New York, but has only 70 lawyers on staff. They send per dorm lawyers for most of their court work, a practice that leads to cases dragging on as their attorneys are largely unfamiliar with the cases at hand.

Worse, however, is how poor the work they do is. These foreclosure mills are insanely able to convince banks to hire them because they do not put individual effort into their cases, but instead treat every case as exactly the same. Furthermore, the Baum law firm has no attorneys who can be reached to discuss cases and get them resolved. It boggles the mind that their clients tolerate their poor lawyering, but I guess they can be more cost effective because they do not put in much effort.

Hopefully, this investigation will lead to the demise of the scourge that is the Baum law firm, but I doubt it.


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