Lexis Advance

Yesterday, my Lexis rep demonstrated Lexis Advance for Solos to me. I had previously seen pieces of the experience, but I was impressed with how it came together. The new interface is fast. You can filter your search and it seemed to refresh almost instantly, which was refreshing from the current system. I cannot see many changes inn the classic lexis.com from when it was first introduced to me in law school in 2003, so this was a welcome wast of improvements.

I like the idea that all of the information available on Lexis Advance for Solos will be included in the flat rate. I certainly like flat rates. I would like to see all lexis databases become available, but it is nice to have the certainty that I won’t go over the monthly price.

Lexis has also added in some nice additional features, such as free treatises, docket searches, and all nationwide cases and statutes for a pretty reasonable price of $175 a month. The only reason I am uncertain is that I pay less than that for my current package. Has anyone out there made the switch and determined it to be worth the extra money?


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