Christie to Bail Out Xanadu

Considering how the national Republican party pretends to strongly oppose bailouts of the failing private sector, Chris Christie should really be damaging his chances to make the national ticket in 2012 with this news from this morning’s New York Times. Haha, just kidding, this bailout is for a private developer.  Along with a plan to take over Atlantic City’s casino district, Christie plans to close the Meadowlands racetrack and BAIL OUT Xanadu, the disastrous mall development that has been sitting empty in the Meadowlands for a couple of years.  One plus is that a condition of the bailout is that Xanadu’s color scheme be changed, so the garish mess of bright blues and oranges should at least be history.

Of course, adding a mall in the Meadowlands never made any sense, which is why they originally pretended that this place was an entertainment complex. Other than the faux-ski slope, though, it is simply a huge shopping mall. This is in a county oversaturated with shopping, which bans shopping on Sundays and next door to a football stadium and arena that attract big crowds that will prevent shoppers. It is hard to imagine a worse use for the land than what they built.


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