FIOS vs. Cablevision (and my first blog post by email)

This is the first time I am posting by sending an email to wordpress, so excuse any technical issues with the post. Since I moved back to Teaneck, until this week, I was with Cablevision for all home services. This week we switched to FIOS, due to a much better price. I am happy with some aspects of FIOS and not others. First, Cablevision has far superior picture quality. There is just a fuzziness on HD channels that I did not see on Cablevision. Second, the Optimum wifi service is pretty good when I am walking around with my Ipad, and Verizon has nothing comparable.

Fios has a far superior set top box and programming guide, much faster internet and a large amount of free on demand programming.

Overall, I would say I am happy with the switch, but I am a little disappointed with the picture quality of FIOS.


One thought on “FIOS vs. Cablevision (and my first blog post by email)

  1. 1) Cablevision and FiOS offer the same internet speed.

    2) Now that you have FiOS, you should be eligible for the $70 deal from Cablevision for customers switching from FiOS, good for 2 years. Bet FiOS won’t beat that price.

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